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Why take Home Caregiver in Kuala Lumpur with us?

We offer home care services in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor (Klang Valley) on full-time and part-time basis with personal touch for elderly, special needs or any other person in need of nedical assistance and support. Our caregivers develop close bonds with those in their care as they help with the day-to-day needs that you might not be able to do on your own any longer. Whether it’s bathing, or grocery shopping, or even cooking their meals.Our Home Caregivers can help fill in the gap for seniors or to those in need who otherwise cannot be able to continue living independently.

At d2dlife, we will make sure our Home Caregivers possess the perfect qualifications and the personality to care for our patients and clients. We believe caregivers should be patient, empathetic, dependable and flexible. And to further maximize your satisfaction, we will always make sure our caregivers are up-to-date with excellent care practices.

Contact Us

+6017 655 9471

+6017 655 9471

enquiries @ d2dlife.com.my

7-6 (Level 6), The Boulevard
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hourly Personal Care Assistant

RM 75 (5 Hours/day)
RM 150 (10 Hours/day)

Full Time Personal Care Assistant

RM 3900 / month (5 Days/week)
RM 4400 / month (6 Days/week)
RM 4900 / month (7 Days/week)

Hourly Home Caregiver

RM 90 (5 Hours/day)
RM 180 (10 Hours/day)

Full Time Home Caregiver

RM 4900 / month (5 Days/week)
RM 5400 / month (6 Days/week)
RM 5900 / month (7 Days/week)

Scope of Services

  • Prepares Patient Care Plans.
  • Assesses and evaluates patient’s needs and medical condition.
  • Keep track of medication schedule.
  • Conducts patient exercises.
  • Assist the patient in day-to-day basic functions.
  • Prepares patients meal according to meal plan.
  • Maintain records and files of patients orders and prescriptions.
  • Assists in moving or transporting the patient.
  • Provides companionship.
  • Prepares necessary reports.
  • Professionalism & Personal Hygiene to be adhered to at all times.

Key Skills with Ordering, Prescription and Logistics

  • Safe Patient Handling including having compassion, communication,
    observation, interpersonal skills, time management, organization, cleanliness,
    patience, flexibility, initiative, physical strength & stamina
  • CPR.
  • First Aid.

Contact Us

+6017 655 9471

+6017 655 9471

enquiries @ d2dlife.com.my

7-6 (Level 6), The Boulevard
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Who Are We

We are an integrated one stop basic essentials platform provider that collaborated and partnered with Suria Medicare Concierge Sdn Bhd via www.door2doorhealthcare.com.my and Beribu Titian
Sdn Bhd via www.investlife.co. We also support human and environmental sustainability that includes job creations opportunities and the enhancements of businesses especially for small medium enterprises which is an eco-system and service-solution that we see to be even more important to have avail 247 post covid-19 pandemic digitally.

About Ribuan Bendera

Ribuan Bendera Sdn Bhd, a social enterprise (to help those that can financially afford our services as well as those that needs subsidies or grants via partner organisations) via www.d2dlife.com.my (also known as d2dlife), a majority shareholder of Suria Medicare Concierge Sdn Bhd is interested to widen its scope of services after getting lots of request from our clients, volunteers, friends and patients. We have additional services and experienced professional healthcare service providers coming together to enable this to be delivered seamlessly. We aim to deliver your healthcare and even non-healthcare needs and services to your doorstep with speed, value and convenience that can be online or offline. In all that we do, we hope to cater for as many of the basic essentials services we best can that are useful and important for you at a click of a button.



This is the place. Home Caregivers provide a lot of benefits to seniors and their families. Some of the benefits are that you
can get a Home Caregiver to look after your parents in case you are not nearby to look after them.

Our Home Caregivers are there to assist you with your daily life activities and to provide companionship for you. Bear in mind, Home Caregiver do not perform medical care.


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