Refund Policy

We have clear workings for all of our services. Our team will explain our workings and services to our esteem clients and patients prior to them signing our work orders. That includes if we have refund, changes and cancellation policies.

At the same time, if the error is on our part by our team, we will investigate. If our team is in the wrong, we will provide for the maximum of the sum paid as the refund sum to our client or patients. As a company and a social enterprise, we are particular and interested about providing professional services to all of our patients and clients all the time. We are interested in taking all steps to have a caring and responsible mindset and workings for our patients and clients.

We also have build in clear SOPs to help our team to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum while errors if any can also be traced and audited if and when needed. 

Your feedback to us for our continuous training improvements are also what we welcome.