World Cleanup Day on 19 Sept 2020


World Cleanup Day (WCD) on 19 September 2020 by Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (MHF) with Let’s Do It World (LDIW). Also in collaboration with Ribuan Bendera and Beribu Titian.

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What is World Cleanup Day?

This one day event is important as we can then share global best practices (dos and don’ts) to help one another with clean ups that can be related to training, waste management, job creations, business opportunities while making new friends and partners. Having interest in our environment is important as it effects us daily as it is also our responsibility to pass the earth to the next generation well too. We need to make the needed selfless sacrifices together as oppose to taking on selfish actions. Without judging, we will always encourage volunteers to find time that they may not have to help with this caring cause where possible. It may give you a different and fresh understanding and perspective on the issues of the environment should you not be familiar with it as of now.
Cleanups are good for individuals as they are for corporates and governments. It is also good for human interaction and human resource management. Cleanups can be a positive movement for everyone to own by themselves and to do at their own time.

Notes: T-Shirts are advised to be worn for the event. It is good to take sharp pictures and post them on your FB as well as to extend the pictures to us for us to upload on the library.

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